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I am implementing a video steganography for my project. I came across the algorithm from here . i have tried and tested the code and the embedding part is working fine. But i encountered a problem with the readByte which is the last method in the VideoSteganography class. The method Gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException . Below is the method.

I pass the parameters as

    String fname = jTextField3.getText();
    File fil = new File(fname);
    String password = "123456";

    SteganoInformation cls = new SteganoInformation(fil);

    VideoSteganography.retrieveFile(cls, password, true);

and the method is

public static boolean retrieveFile(SteganoInformation info, String password, boolean overwrite)
        File dataFile= null;
        features= info.getFeatures();
            masterFile= info.getFile();
            byteArrayIn= new byte[(int) masterFile.length()];

            DataInputStream in= new DataInputStream(new FileInputStream(masterFile));
  , 0, (int)masterFile.length());
            messageSize= info.getDataLength();
            byte[] fileArray= new byte[messageSize];
            inputOutputMarker= info.getInputMarker();

Notice the method readBytes above, it throws the exception and its written as below

private static void readBytes(byte[] bytes)
        int size= bytes.length;

        for(int i=0; i<size ; i++)

            bytes[i]= byteArrayIn[inputOutputMarker];

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The problem here is "byteArrayIn[inputOutputMarker]", Recheck the value of inputOutputMarker by and the range of values it could have .

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@Mazen Wadi , thanks for your reply. But i figured what triggered the very exception and would like to share in case some one would encounter the same problem. From the two classes "VideoSteganography class" and "SteganoInformation class" , there are two loops from the methods retrieveBytes() from both classes. Change loops to the one below and make sure the loop size tally in both classes. Note: change j=6 from retrieveBytes method of the two classes and your problem is solved.

private static void retrieveBytes(byte[] bytes)
            int size= bytes.length;

            for(int i=0; i< size; i++)
                byte1= 0;
                for(int j=6; j>=0; j-=2)
                    byte2= byteArrayIn[inputOutputMarker];

                    byte2&= 0x03;
                    byte2<<= j;
                    byte1|= byte2;
                bytes[i]= byte1;
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