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I'm trying to create a Makefile that will compile terminfo files residing in a directory via tic. tic also copies the termcap files it creates automatically to a system- or user-specific destination folder. For a regular user if the terminfo file is e.g. screen-256color-bce-s.terminfo, it will be compiled and copied to ~/.terminfo/s/screen-256color-bce-s. So it will look something like this:

terminfo/screen-256color-bce-s.terminfo => /home/user/.terminfo/s/screen-256color-bce-s
terminfo/screen-256color-s.terminfo => /home/user/.terminfo/s/screen-256color-s

If I put something like this into my Makefile:

TISRC = $(wildcard terminfo/*.terminfo)
TIDST = $(foreach x, $(TISRC), $(HOME)/.terminfo/$(shell basename $x|cut -c 1)/$(shell basename $x .terminfo))

$(HOME)/.terminfo/s/%: terminfo/%.terminfo
    @echo "$< => $@"
    @tic $<

install: $(TIDST)

it works. However, I'd like to make it general, and use a wildcard in the target, i.e.:

$(HOME)/.terminfo/**/%: terminfo/%.terminfo
    @echo "$< => $@"
    @tic $<

to be able to add terminfo files to my local repository. The above, however, does not work. How can I specify a wildcard directory in a pattern rule?

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I don't think you can; Make isn't very good with wildcards. –  Beta Apr 11 '13 at 12:53

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You can do that with GNU Make Secondary Expansion feature:

all : ${HOME}/.terminfo/x/a
all : ${HOME}/.terminfo/y/b

${HOME}/.terminfo/%: terminfo/$$(notdir $$*).terminfo
    @echo "$< ---> $@"


[~/tmp] $ make
terminfo/a.terminfo ---> /home/max/.terminfo/x/a
terminfo/b.terminfo ---> /home/max/.terminfo/y/b

As a side note, make provides some path manipulation functions, so that you don't really need to invoke the shell for that.

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I stand corrected. +1 –  Beta Apr 11 '13 at 14:50
Cool, works like a charm. –  ldx Apr 12 '13 at 18:09
@Beta Well, sometimes one wishes that make had something like regex pattern matching, e.g. /([[:word:]]+)/([[:word:]]+) : /build/\1/obj/\2.o. But this would make it difficult to select a more specific rule. With % patterns the most specific pattern is the one where % matched the least number of characters, if I remember correctly. –  Maxim Egorushkin Apr 12 '13 at 20:41

I don't think you can use wildcards the way you're trying to, but if you don't mind using eval trickery, you can get the effect you're shooting for without having to spell out all the directory paths explicitly:

TISRC = $(wildcard terminfo/*.terminfo)
BASENAMES = $(notdir $(basename ${TISRC}))

MKDST = ${HOME}/.terminfo/$(shell echo $1 | cut -c 1)/$1
TIDST := $(foreach s,${BASENAMES},$(call MKDST,$s))
DIRLTRS = $(notdir $(patsubst %/,%,$(sort $(dir ${TIDST}))))

install: ${TIDST}

# $1 - Directory Name
# $2 - File name
define T
${HOME}/.terminfo/$1/$2 : terminfo/$2.terminfo
    @echo "$$< => $$@"
    tic $$<

# This is the tricky part: use template T to make the rules you need.
$(foreach d,${DIRLTRS},$(foreach f,${BASENAMES},$(eval $(call T,$d,$f))))
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