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I have a transactions table with sender_id and receiver_id fields, and another users table with user_id first_name last_name etc...

I want to query data from the transaction and join details from the users thing is I need to bring first_name & last_name for both sender and receiver...

SELECT t.* u.*
FROM transactions t, users u
WHERE t.sender_id = u.user_id OR t.receiver_id = u.user_id

This will not be a solution of course since I have no way for knowing in the result-set which is the sender / receiver, but it helps illustrate the problem

any ideas? thanks Ajar

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You need to join table users twice on table transactions since there are two column from transaction which are dependent on table users.

SELECT  a.*,
        b.firstName as SenderName,
        c.FirstName as RecieverName
FROM    transactions a
        INNER JOIN users b
            ON a.sender_ID = b.user_ID
        INNER JOIN users c
            ON a.reciever_id = c.user_ID
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