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I'm fairly new to working with client-side coding and was wondering what the the best way of returning a single ID from a simple Insert in a web service would be.

Copying code that returns more complex JSON objects, I'm doing the following:

        Dim JaggedArray As String()() = New String(0)() {}
        Dim i As Integer = 0

        JaggedArray(i) = New String() {<insert stmt, returns integer>}

        Dim js As New JavaScriptSerializer()
        Dim strJSON As String = js.Serialize(JaggedArray)
        Return strJSON

I then use the following to access the ID in Javascript (excerpt from the AJAX call):

success: function(data) {
var c = eval(data.d);
var testID = c[0][0];

Surely there's a less clunky way of doing this, right?

And this is a stupid question, but can (and / or should) you put code outside of the Success callback, or is this mandatory?

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Of course you can put code outside the success callback, but you might not be able to access the response. Also, what are you referring to by "Surely there's a less clunky way of doing this, right?"? If you don't like the nested array (c[0][0]), then you have to structure your data differently. –  Felix Kling Apr 11 '13 at 13:04
The structure is more or less the heart of my question. Like I mentioned, I just copied the above code b/c I had the need to do a client-side insert, but it was for a JSON object, not a single integer. Again, my experience to this point has been limited, and I'm teaching myself as I go along, so I'm probably missing out on a lot of fundamentals that get taken for granted. –  Ryan Apr 11 '13 at 13:14

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Surely you can use jqXHR.done An alternative construct to the success callback option, the .done(),

for more info visit http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.ajax/

    //ajax stuff ..
    var output = "hello";
    return output;
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Great; this is perfect...thank you –  Ryan Apr 11 '13 at 13:15

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