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I have the following code:

n=input('How many disks?')

def MoveTower(n, source='A', dest='C', store='B'):
    if n==1:
        print source + '->' + dest

        MoveTower(n-1, source, store, dest)
        MoveTower(1, source, dest, store)
        MoveTower(n-1, store, dest, source)

print MoveTower(n)
print str(2**n-1), 'moves total'

The following code return the moves required to solve a Tower of Hanoi with n disks and calculates how many disks required successfully, but after all the moves, there is a 'None' I want to get rid of this- can you please help?

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Remove the print statement, just call MoveTower(n) without printing it's return value:

print str(2**n-1), 'moves total'

All python functions return some value. If you don't return anything explicitly, the default is value is None. Calling print MoveTower(n) prints the default None returned by MoveTower().

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Thank you very much, that is a perfect concise and easy to understand answer. I will take this to the future of my programming. –  user2095044 Apr 11 '13 at 13:19
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