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I have a requirement to develop a java program to analyze the dynamic behavior of a source code of a simple java program. According to my requirement, when i give the source as the input, the program should be able to derive the following information.

  • Identifying the main method
  • identifying the order of method invocation
  • Details of the methods

Its not a problem even if the above details are derived statically by looking for the method calls in the source code.

I have seen several tools which are capable of dynamic analysis. I am interested to know whether there are any java reference libraries or other mechanisms available to develop such a source code dynamic analysis tool.

Thank you in advance.

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Hmmm... reflection ? –  Radu Murzea Apr 11 '13 at 14:32

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You could try Chord : http://pag.gatech.edu/chord/

It's a platform for program analysis for designing, implementing and evaluating Java bytecode.

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