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I am currently working on a website and i kinda need something like a cms/site builder to be integrated int the site, but not very complicated. for example let's say i have a few templates and the users can modify them as they please(add a picture, some text, etc)

Please help.

Thank you!

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Hey prsegiu, this isn't really the place to ask questions like this. This is a site for programming questions and answers. Please read the SO faq: stackoverflow.com/faq –  Paul Sasik Oct 20 '09 at 14:39
Please ask this at superuser.com –  Graviton Oct 20 '09 at 14:41

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look at N2 if you are working in .Net http://n2cms.com/

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try joomla, drupal, or wordpress. There are also some basic wiki sites that are easy to setup and use like TWiki.

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If you want to keep things very basic then SnippetMaster is an option. Your users can edit odd bits of text and even add pictures. It works best for sites with only a few pages to update. For a large site you may want to look at something more advanced.

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You can build a site these days with WordPress. Actually I recommend this even if you have more complicated stuff. There are a lot of plugins and themes and over all support. If you want something simple you can have it in minutes.

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You could use Joomla (PHP) or Windows SharePoint Services (.NET), but it depends what kind of thing you are really after...

Also, you could use something like VS Web Developer 2008 Express edition which'll create a basic template for you.

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Here's an awesome link that I just happened to have someone send me yesterday: Top 10 free content management systems for web site designers

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