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I developed an application in using cocoa using xcode 3.1.Now i upgraded the os version and tried to compile the code in xcode 3.2 But the app crashes with an error " CocoaJava: com.apple.cocoa.foundation.NSRuntime -[NSJavaVirtualMachine initWithClassPath:] FATAL: cannot initialize ObjCJava"

I still dont know how to resolve this Please any one help me....

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CocoaJava was deprecated in 10.4.

I wouldn't be surprised if it has been completely removed in 10.6.

Important: The Cocoa-Java API is deprecated in Mac OS X version 10.4 and later. You should use the Objective-C API instead; this API is documented in Application Kit Framework Reference and Foundation Framework Reference.


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According to this Cocoa Java runtime support has been removed in 10.6 (scroll to the bottom). That page also has a solution to the problem.

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