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In our company we use Jython for some reason. I need to extend it with the ExpectJ, but I could not figure out how to do it.

I managed to download the expectj-2.0.7.jar, expectj-2.0.7-sources.jar and expectj-2.0.7-javadoc.jar files and made them accessible to Jython and Java itself as well.

So I can import it in my python script and JVM also finds the jars (by using a classpath loader hack). But according to ExpectJ's docs, something is still wrong.

import expectj

ex = expectj.ExpectJ()                       # I cannot use the second form of the
                                             # constructor where I can pass a timeout
                                             # parameter

sh = ex.spawn(targetshell, 22, usr, passw)   # There is no spawn method in 
                                             # ExpectJ - but why???

This is where I'm getting stuck. Why doesn't the ExpectJ object have a spawn method? Does anyone have a solution for this?

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