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Below is what i am populating my collection with (FacetModels)

How do I access the AvailableValues[] array

"FacetModels":[ { "FacetDisplayLabel":null, "SelectedValues":[], "AvailableValues":[], "UnknownResults":0, "ActionURI":null, "FacetGroupName":"Category", "FacetGroupFriendlyId":"SourceCategory", "FacetGroupOrder":10, "AllowSuggestions":false },

This is my view, as you will see all i have access to is the array of FacetModels, I need to be able to pass FacetModels[0].AvailableValues.Name so I can display each category Name

CategoryListItemView = Backbone.View.extend({
    tagName: "li",
    className: "category",
    initialize: function (options) {
        this.template = _.template( $("#categorylist_template").html());
    render: function () {
        var category = this.model
        return this;

Display from console

a.Model {cid: "c2", attributes: Object, collection: r, _changing: false, _previousAttributes: Object…} _changing: false _events: Object _pending: false _previousAttributes: Object attributes: Object ActionURI: null AllowSuggestions: false AvailableValues: Array[8] 0: Object ActionURI: "/api/search?firstname=thomas&firstname_variants=true&lastname=smith&region=all&sourcecategory=armed%20forces%20utf0026%20conflict" Count: 8943 DisplayLabel: "Armed Forces & Conflict" IsUnknown: false Name: "Armed Forces & Conflict" proto: Object 1: Object 2: Object 3: Object 4: Object 5: Object 6: Object 7: Object length: 8 proto: Array[0] FacetDisplayLabel: null FacetGroupFriendlyId: "SourceCategory" FacetGroupName: "Category" FacetGroupOrder: 10 SelectedValues: Array[0] UnknownResults: 0 proto: Object changed: Object cid: "c2" collection: r proto: Object

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What is the model of your view? Is AvailableValues a collection, or just an attribute with an array? What is displayed in your console? And so on... – Loamhoof Apr 11 '13 at 14:12
I've added the console output. It is in my model as an attribute but part of an array. ie FacetModels[0].AvailableValues[] – Rob Paddock Apr 11 '13 at 14:32

Inside your view the javascript array is available through this.model.get('AvailableValues'). If you need Available values to be a Backbone Collection, you can override parse to populate the AvailableValues property with a collection instead of an array.

There are some other SO questions that have examples of this:

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I didn't realise that it was this.model.get('AvailableValues') So how do i now get at say 'DisplayLabel' ("AvailableValues":[ { "DisplayLabel":"Census, Land & Surveys",) – Rob Paddock Apr 11 '13 at 14:37
AvailableValues will be a javascript array at that point. You can access value of DisplayLabel through: AvailableValues[0]["DisplayLabel"]. I'm sure you will be iterating through available values rather than accessing through [0], but the idea is to read the value from an individual available value. – Dennis Burton Apr 11 '13 at 20:33

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