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According to the documentation:

property direction is avaliable from flex 3 but you have to use it from styles instead of direct use from text field like it is in flex 4.5

so i set:

    .myFontStyle {
    direction: "rtl";


<mx:Label id="rtlLabel" styleName="myFontStyle"/>

it is working when i use flex 4.6 but not for 3.6 any suggestions why or what i do wrong? Or maybe you know any different way to deal with Arabic and Hebrew languages? it might be in pure actionScript

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Note that the documentation for the direction style says:

Note: This style only applies when an MX component specifies UIFTETextField as its textFieldClass.

So to make this work, you would also need to set the textFieldClass style:

    .myFontStyle {
    direction: "rtl";
    textFieldClass: ClassReference("mx.core.UIFTETextField");

I just tried that as a test, but when using the Flex 3 SDK, this class is not included (at least in my environment) and I get a compile error saying it cannot find UIFTETextField. I don't use the Flex 3 SDK that often, so it could be that I just have an older version of it (I'm using this SDK: Flex 3.6A with Flash Builder 4.6). However, I have a feeling that this RTL functionality only exists when using the Flex 4 SDK ... so you can use an <mx:Label /> with RTL text only when compiling w/the Flex 4 SDK -- though I'm not sure what the point of that would be.

I checked the code in my <mx:Label /> class and I cannot find any references to the direction style or the textFieldClass style that the documentation says this class defines. So hopefully that just means my 3.6A SDK is just out of date.

However, if you look at the code for UIComponent in the Flex 4 SDK it talks about using the two styles mentioned above. But the UIComponent class in my Flex 3 SDK does not mention those styles at all. Maybe your Flex 3 SDK is better than mine, or perhaps someone else can explain this part.

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Unfortunately I don't have access to UIFTETextField in Flex3.6 and I can't use newer Flex 4 SDK because its old project and it contain a lot of solutions that would need to be rewrite for flex4, it would take too much time. – Karol Be Apr 12 '13 at 9:34

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