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I have a php site main.php in the public_html dir, which sources several frames:

<title>My Site</title>
<frameset rows="55, *, 0" frameborder="no">
    <frame id='headerFrame' src="headerFrame.php" scrolling="no">
    <frame src="mainPages/a.php">
    <frame src="mainPages/b.php">

The php code tags in main.php (not shown) are executed correctly by the server, but when I review the frame sources in the browser, I see uninterpreted php tags in the html:


include 'base.php';

How comes that main.php is interpreted, but headerFrame.php not? When I move the page to /var/www/mypage/ this works out all well.

Environment: Ubuntu 12.10, apache2

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Your path for your include is probably wrong. Error reporting would tell you this. –  John Conde Apr 11 '13 at 14:11
Do you have /var/www and /var/public_html? Or how does your directory structure look like? There might be an issue with your php configuration, saying that php is executed in /var/www but not in /var/public_html –  strauberry Apr 11 '13 at 14:27

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I found the error on my own, which is not completely evident in the posted snippet:

There where many includes with relative paths in the php scripts. And relative paths for include are handled differently for /var/www/mypage and ~/public_html/mypage.

The former one considers relative paths relative to the running script file location, whereas the latter one handles relative paths relative to the main dir (~/public_html/mypage).

As in the latter case the included php files where not found, the php tags where dumped instead of interpreted by the apache server.

I use the default apache2 configuration for Ubuntu 12.10, except that I enabled the userdir.

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