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I want to search the strings starting with "double" in a text file and pass the line numbers to two variable (Suppose I know there must be two lines have "double"). Next, I want to get the numbers in those strings and pass them to other two variables. After that, I want to delete those lines in the text. Could you tell me how to do it?

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Are you doing this on Windows? Or Linux? –  Rob I Apr 11 '13 at 14:12

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In order to store the line numbers in 2 variables, var1 and var2 try this:

read var1 var2 <<< $(grep -Fnm 2 double file | cut -d: -f1)

Now var1 and var2 contain the line numbers of the lines containing the word double.

To "pass them" to two other variables:


To delete the lines, use sed as shown below:

sed "${var1}d;${var2}d;" file
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