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This question is specifically for creating SWCs from Haxe in FlashDevelop (not from AS3 code).

Is there a compiler argument to specify some classes to NOT be compiled within a SWC? And if so, is it possible to get rid of "Main", "Lib", etc. (the most common classes embedded in the SWC by default) while compiling everything else?

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For Nape I compile the swcs like:

haxe --macro "include('nape')" --macro "include('zpp_nape')" ...

with no -main flag, this builds a .swc that includes only the classes from the nape and zpp_nape packages.

This will still include the haxe std library, but no-one has complained so far.

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Thank you very much. I'll look into the documentation, I'm guessing the "include(...)" part can accept a package name as well? That would probably be the quickest way to only compile the required classes. – bigp Apr 12 '13 at 12:44

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