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Anybody have any ideas how to stop properties being reset on custom user control when it is used?

Similar to question: How can I avoid properties being reset at design-time in tightly bound user controls?

I have tried the solution in the linked question, but they keep on getting reset.

Example property below: Note i have tried to use a simple property but they keep on getting reset to false every time its the containing form is compiled.

public bool ImportFilenameShown
    get { return txtImportFile.Visible; }
        txtImportFile.Visible = value;
        lblImportFile.Visible = value;
        btnImportMappings.Visible = value;
        btnImportFileBrowse.Visible = value;

Any help would be good. This is driving me crazy.

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The return value of .Visible is complicated. –  SLaks Apr 11 '13 at 15:00

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If one of txtImportFile's parents are hidden, txtImportFile.Visible will always return false.

Therefore, the designer will serialize the wrong value.

Instead, you should store the value in a separate backing field

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I'm sure i tried adding a field, perhaps i didn't set something correctly. Anyway its working correctly now. Cheers. –  rawajames Apr 16 '13 at 16:14

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