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I am using the ShinobiCharts Framework for an app I am making and Xcode Cannot find the headers to use it.

I have included the Framework by following these instructions: Adding Framework in Xcode 4

I have also tried copying the entire folder into the Frameworks Directory in my project.

Neither methods have enabled me to include these files

Here is the setup guide, I have not gotten past step one:

Here is my code:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import <ShinobiCharts/ShinobiChart.h>
#import "SChartDatasource.h"
#import "ShinobiChartsDataSource.h"

@interface ViewController : UIViewController
ShinobiChart * chart;

Apparently ShinobiChartsDataSource is not a real thing despite being in the setup guide. Just to test too, I imported something similar sounding that was in the framework and that too threw an error. I think its an XCode issue. Help?

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You don't actually need to import anything other than <ShinobiCharts/ShinobiChart.h> these days. The quick start guide looks to be outdated and is currently being updated I believe.

You should just be able to do <ShinobiCharts/ShinobiChart.h> though. That's all you need to import to get past step one!

Disclaimer: I work for the Shinobi team.

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