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I have about 6 tables where some of the columns are identical. Do I have to know which tables contain the column I'm querying on or is there a way to write an SQL query such that I can reference a column and the database will scan the tables looking for a specific column?

For example, assume table1, table3, and table5 all contain the column 'Population'. Do I have to specify in my query that I want to retrieve information from 'Population' in tables table1, table2, and table3, or can is there a way to only specify that I want information from the 'Population' column without specifying any tables?

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Yes, you have to specify the table you want to access the column from. You can create views to simplify querying. –  muhmud Apr 11 '13 at 15:48

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select table1.population as pop1, table2.population as pop2, table5.population as pop3
from table1, table2, table5;

This will return 3 columns showing the population from each table.

select population
from table1
select population
from table2
select population
from table5;

This will return a long list of populations in one column.

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