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I', trying to compile a Python modules on Windows 7 ( Python 3.3 ) and getting the error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat which i read around is related to not having Visual Studio 2008 installed. Bu i have visual studio 2008 installed AND it's in the path, any ideas?

EDIT - i also checked How do I point easy_install to vcvarsall.bat? but no effects, i tried setting the variable but it's ignored.

EDIT 2 - I've found out by looking at the core that it's now looking for VS100COMNTOOLS instead of VS90COMNTOOLS is the VS studio version different?

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Python 3.3 on Windows is built with VS2010, which doesn't match your VS2008. Previous versions of Python did indeed use VS2008.

You'll need to get hold of VS2010.

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