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I have set the default font in my JTable as show below

myTable.setFont(new java.awt.Font("Verdana", 1, 10));

I wanted to show a bigger font in my JTable,while some data is being typed into the cells.So I used MyTableCellEditor custom class.

public class MyTableCellEditor extends AbstractCellEditor implements TableCellEditor {

    JComponent component = new JTextField();

    public Component getTableCellEditorComponent(JTable table, Object value, boolean isSelected,
      int rowIndex, int vColIndex) {

        ((JTextField) component).setText((String) value);
        ((JTextField) component).setFont(new Font("Verdana", 1, 12));

        return component;

    public Object getCellEditorValue() {
        return ((JTextField) component).getText();

Below is the code where I attached the CustomCellEditor to my table.

myTable.getColumnModel().getColumn(1).setCellEditor(new MyTableCellEditor());

But this code do not seem to work.The cells font becomes small while editing and once I finish editing and hit enter,the default JTable font which I set ( Verdana 10 ) takes effect.Why is this happening ? I have already set CustomCellEditor font as ( Verdana 12 ) to my cells.

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Works like a charm for me. When I edit a cell the font is bigger and bold. Consider posting an SSCCE to get to the bottom of your issue. –  Guillaume Polet Apr 11 '13 at 16:04
beware: that implementation of cellEditor is invalid (because it doesn't notify its listeners) –  kleopatra Apr 19 '13 at 13:16

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Don't create a new class for this. Just change the property of the DefaultCellEditor:

JTextField textField = new JTextField();
textField.setFont(new Font("Verdana", 1, 12));
textField.setBorder(new LineBorder(Color.BLACK));
DefaultCellEditor dce = new DefaultCellEditor( textField );
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your answer did the trick ! –  Tito Cheriachan Apr 11 '13 at 16:12

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