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I am trying to parse expressions such as a*(4+5) in my parser to build the abstract syntax tree.

void addSub() : {}
    mulDiv() ((<ADD> mulDiv()  )| (<SUB> mulDiv() ) )*
void mulDiv()  : {}
    factor() ((<MUL> factor() )|( <DIV> factor() ))*
void factor() : {}
     (numeralLit() | booleanLit() | LOOKAHEAD(2) functionCallExp() | idUse())
     //TODO add () support

however, if I add an expression such as

void parantheses() :{}

and place it in factor(), I get an error saying a recursion as occured (parantheses uses addSub()). How would I go about the structure so that it could prevent recursion?

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I could not reproduce your problem. I rewrote factor as void factor() : {} { numeralLit() | booleanLit() | LOOKAHEAD(2) functionCallExp() | idUse() | parantheses() } and made reasonable assumptions about the other nonterminals. And got no error message. If you still have a problem, post a more complete example. –  Theodore Norvell Apr 12 '13 at 0:24

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