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I have a two activeMQ(5.6.0) brokers. They use a shared kaha database so only one can be 'running' at once.

I have a ( webservice that puts a message on a queue, locally if I start and stop the brokers the webservice fails over correctly

when I test with the brokers on seperate machines it sometimes works but often I get "socketException: Connection reset" errors and the message is lost.

The connection string I am using is below. Note that I am aware NMS does not understand the priority backup command but I have left it there for the future.


How can I make my fail over between brokers fool proof?

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you have got some typos in your url : & should be & – willome Apr 16 '13 at 14:03
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The shared Kaha database was on a simple share. Currently activeMQ (or windows) cannot reliably get or release the lock in this configuration. The shared database must sit on a 'real' SAN so that both instances of the queue software see the database as being on a local filestore not a network location.

See this page for more info

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