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$(function() {
$(document).scroll(function() {

var windowscroll = $(this).scrollTop();

if($(window).scrollTop() >= 900)

 if(windowscroll > 900 && windowscroll < 1300)

if(windowscroll > 1200 && windowscroll < 1500)
    $("#scrollabout").css("opacity", (-1($(window).scrollTop()-1200)/75))



the first overlap between scrollhome and scrollabout works nice but when it comes to the second overlap between scrollabout and scroll design i don't know how to hide the scrollabout funktion in a smooth way again, i need help! how can i make the scrollabout hidden again using scrolltop?

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Please post your HTML and CSS along with the jQuery. –  Lowkase Apr 11 '13 at 16:52
Consider using jsbin.com for your example. –  mzedeler Apr 11 '13 at 18:17
i guess he has a really tall page and some static menu somewhere that based on the scrolling position it fades in/out the buttons in the menu that when clicked scroll back to whatever region –  TheBrain Apr 11 '13 at 18:17

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you misstyped it as -1($(window)...... it should also be 1-($(window)

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