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I need to output a hex data stream from an IMU into lat long and height values.

The data comes in as double precision hex strings and I need to output them into decimal values.

I tried several pack and unpack values but in the end wasn't able to find a solution except that of writing my own function.

Is there any way of translating this double precision 64bit hex string:


into this decimal:


Using pack and unpack functions?

Are there any libraries able to deal with IEEE 754 numbers?

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=> 41.9

# broken down to steps, showing reversability
=> "@D\xF333333"
=> [41.9]
=> "@D\xF333333"
=> ["4044f33333333333"]
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Right, I handled only the first half of the conversion –  Marc-André Lafortune Apr 11 '13 at 17:23

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