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I'd like the date when the doc was built and a version number to be appended to the footer of all Sandcastle builds.

I use the SHFB gui to create the project file and then automate the build using TeamCity. Is there a way to get the build date and the TeamCity build # into the output?


I tried entering the footer text like Jeff suggested, but it does not add that to any page that I've seen.

Sandcastle footer

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Not sure about the TeamCity build number, but I was able to get the build date by adding this nonsense to the "Additional footer content" field in the Help File properties:

Documentation built {@BuildDate:yyyy\-MM\-dd}.
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You can add replacement tags for the build date and time, like Jeff indicated. See Customizing the build process for more options.

The documentation itself has no version, but you can display the Framework version, but that's probably not what you want.

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