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I am developing a shopping cart website.

The problem is, when I add product items to my shopping cart and another user in another computer browses the shopping cart, suddenly has my cart details!!.

We have our site on a web farm, hence session state is held in Sql Server. This is the first time I am setting up SessionState on Sql Server.

In my web.config I have this,

sqlConnectionString="data source=someip;user=someuser;password=somepassword"
timeout="20" />

Am I missing any thing? Help much appreciated.

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Are you sure it is problem with session state? – Nirlep Oct 20 '09 at 15:36

Session state is handled on a per browser instance basis whether InProc or not. You have some other issue going on.

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Neil and rick, thanks for your response. The problem was not in session state. It was a static class stored with values was moving around and causing this confusion.

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