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Well I have created a android application for online shopping.Finished with the coding part and the application is up and running.Since gathering the data for all the items is a tedious task I managed to store the data locally and therby get the application running.

I now want to create a cloud database of atleast 100 items or perhaps have a webapp which pushes the data to the application.PLease do pitch in with some help or advice going forward.

This is what ia need

Have a list of products under each marketplace with corresponding prices which can be called from the appllication.


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That's a MASSIVE topic. You will need a website to serve JSON responses containing the data you need. You will need to store that data in your app so you should use a contentprovider and an sqlite database and you will need to change your views to grab the data from the content provider. It is extremely unlikely that all this will be explained in one response. Narrow down your question to a specific requirement –  jamesw Apr 11 '13 at 17:33

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As noted, this is a huge question. One of your first decisions will be IaaS, PaaS, or Baas.

Backend as a service (BaaS) providers include kinvey, kumulos, backendless, and parse. I think this would be the easiest solution and allow you to get something running quickly, but it limits you in the long run and will probably cost more.

One step up (in complexity, flexibility, control, etc.) would be to use one of the PaaS services. The most obvious choice for a backend for Android would be GAE/J. Since you have an Android app I assume that you know Java and use Eclipse. Using GAE/J allows you to use those same tools to build your backend. I've been doing this and have been able to share a fair bit of code between my backend and my Android app, and that has been very helpful.

Another common option would be to setup your own server on an IaaS provider like Amazon. A lot of devs are already experienced in PHP and MySQL so creating a solution with those technologies on AWS comes naturally to them.

(For greatest control you could run your own servers, like Stackoverflow does.)

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You could use JSON to post (or get) values to a PHP script (referred to as the "backend" of your application) which would enter values to a MySQL database.

Your question is way too large to give you steps-by-steps but you could do some research using the terms I just gave you if you aren't familiar with them.

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