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I would like to create a custom version of the TabControl so that when a new TabPage is added I can ensure some custom processing is performed.

The question is how do I override the TabPages.Add() method to achieve this?

thanks, Richard

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You could create the custom version which inherits from the TabControl, and has a public new void Add(string) method. But if anyone casts your control back to the TabControl, they would go around your logic. You could try creating a custom control which inherits from System.Windows.Forms.Control and expose all the methods of a private TabControl, modifying the Add method as needed. This would give you much more control.

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Unfortunatelly, you cannot override Add() method of TabPageCollection class. What you may try is to subscribe to TabControl.ControlAdded event in hope that it will be raised when a TabPage (which is essentially a Control as well) will be added.

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