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I am working on an assignment that requires a UI. I use Eclipse and already have WindowBuilder up and running. A few weeks ago, I created a WindowBuilder SWT project to create my GUI. I did nothing more than layout the elements to get a visual copy of what it would look like, but had no additional code for doing anything.

Since then, I have written most of this code in a separate Eclipse project, one that is not set up as a WindowBuilder project and is also synchronized with Github. I am trying to import my existing WindowBuilder UI into this project, but am running into some problems. At first, I just tried copying the JAVA file over, but I get a ton of errors about missing dependencies. It looks like the WindowBuilder project had a bunch of Referenced Libraries that the normal project does not.

Anyway, is there an easy way to add WindowBuilder capability to an existing project? This would be much much easier than trying to move my existing project into my WindowBuilder project. Any help with this would be great appreciated. Thanks!

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From windowBuilder homepage:

... Generated code doesn't require any additional custom libraries to compile and run: all of the generated code can be used without having WindowBuilder Pro installed. ...

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When I try to do this I guet all sorts of errors regarding missing libraries. I guess what I am asking is if there is an easy way to import all the necessary libraries. I can't figure out how to bring these libraries into my project. My WindowBuilder project has a huge list of "Referenced Libraries" while my regular project has none. Unfortunately I can't just copy them from one to the other. Without those libraries, there are a ton of red underlined lines of code in my UI file. –  user2271605 Apr 12 '13 at 20:12

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