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I have a hashtable like so

hashtable = new Hashtable();

How can I get a key (any key will do) from the hashtable without knowing a value pair for the key? If I could select a key randomly from the hashtable that would be brilliant but really all I need is to just extract a key from the hashtable.

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The answers below are good for the question you asked, but why would you need to know a value to get a key anyway? Do you have the concept of key and value reversed? –  David Conrad Apr 11 '13 at 18:34

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hashtable.keySet() will return a set of keys. To get a random key, use

Object[] keys = hashtable.keySet().toArray();
Object key = keys[new Random().nextInt(keys.length)];
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You could do:

if (!hashtable.isEmpty()) {
   Object firstKey = hashtable.keySet().iterator().next();

Aside from this this Hashtable methods have the overhead of being synchronized and the class itself is obsolete. Consider using a Map from the collections API, such as a HashMap or LinkedHashMap. Also use generic types rather than raw types to avoid casting.

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You can get the keySet() from the Hashtable.

It will return you the Collection of all keys which is going to be empty in your case as you didn't put anything into your Hashtable.

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Use hashtable.keys() method to get all keys of the hashtable.

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