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Firstly, I am not very familiar with C++ at all, let alone Borland. However I have been tasked with migrating our builds from an aging Windows 2000 box onto a Windows 2003 box.

I have a problem with a C++ build.

When built on 2000 or XP, the compiled DLL works fine when tested. However the output from the Windows 2003 box does not work.

The code is identical, the build script is identical, the Borland program folder is identical.

The build builds with only this one error and a few warnings

Error: Unable to execute command 'tlink32.exe'

But these occurs on 2000 and XP too.

Are Borland C++ 5.02 builds possible on 2003? Is there something I need to change for this environment?

Please ask if you need any more information, I don't know what to provide!


More info

I have been granted access to the build server directly and have found that when the build script is run

brc32.exe throws a windows application error, with nothing useful in the error or event log:

Instruction at 0x00006372 referenced memory at 0x00006372. the memory could not be read.

brc32.exe -32 -r -fooutput\product.RES source\product.rc

I have retried with the Application Compatability mode set to 2000 and XP but no luck.

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It should be possible. It sounds like (one way or another) the folder containing tlink32.exe was on your path previously, and isn't on the new box. You'll want to modify the path variable to include that directory.

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It should be on the path, as the path includes the c:\bc5\bin folder. Please note this error is thrown on BOTH XP/2000 AND 2003, so I'm tempted to say its a red herring? –  Paul Oct 21 '09 at 8:03
Updated original question with more info –  Paul Oct 21 '09 at 10:52
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Unfortunately I have not made any progress with this.

I suspect that the Borland C++ compiler has issues with Windows 2003. I've tried setting the DEP settings to exclude the Borland programs but still no joy.

I'm not spending any more time on this issue so will mark this as the solution.

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