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I want to publish a library under LGPL (or any other library that is not as "restrictive" as the GPL, i.e. that can be used in commercial products). In this library, I have a build switch that is usually turned off. If it is turned on, the library will use and link an external library which is published under GPL license. Hence, the whole library will be under GPL license.

Is it possible to publish my library under LGPL if the switch is turned off by default?

Is there any other way to avoid publishing the library under GPL?

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If that functionality can be achieved only by using GPL library, than you can not. If you provide option to user to chose between LGPL and GPL library than you can (but in that case you would not need GPL library). In any case you can not distribute GPL with your LGPL library and user must make his own installation.

If you plan on walking on edge I advise you to get good lawyer.

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The GPL library enables additional functionality that is only available for the GPL version of my library. That is not possible? –  alfa Apr 12 '13 at 7:07
You should make two versions of your library instead of using switch. –  IvanP Apr 12 '13 at 7:18

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