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I'm learning how to do code for web development, and I have run into a problem. Two almost identical lines of code are giving me different results:

for(i=0; i<=lunarSpells.length; i++){
    document.getElementById(lunarSpells[i]).innerHTML =
for(i=0; i<=standardSpells.length; i++){
    document.getElementById(standardSpells[i]).innerHTML =

Unsure of its importance, but the idea is to take an element from the array, find it in the document, and then fill in the table accordingly. Here are the arrays:

var lunarSpells = ["cureOther", "NPCContact", "curePlant", "monsterExamine", "bakePie", "cureMe", "TGMoonclan",
                            "TPMoonclan", "TGBarbarian", "superglass", "TPKhazard", "TGKhazard", "dream", "stringJewellery",
                            "statRestorePotShare", "statSpy", "TPBarbarian", "TPWaterbirth", "cureGroup", "TGWaterbirth", "humidify",
                            "hunterKit", "fertileSoil", "plankMake", "TPCatherby", "TGFishingGuild", "TGCatherby", 
                            "boostPotionShare", "TPIcePlateau", "energyTransfer", "healOther", "TGIcePlateau", "vengeanceOther",
                            "vengeance", "healGroup", "spellbookSwap", "magicImbue", "TPFishingGuild"]

var standardSpells = ["confuse", "sapphire", "weaken", "bananas", "curse", "lowAlch", "TPVarrock", "emerald", "TPLumbridge", "TPFalador", "TPHouse",
                                "superheat", "TPCamelot", "ruby", "TPArdougne", "highAlch", "earth", "water", "diamond", "TPWatchtower", 
                                "peaches", "TPTrollheim", "fire", "TPApe", "vulnerability", "air", "dragonstone", "enfeeble", "TOLumbridge", "stun", 
                                "TOFalador", "onyx", "TOCamelot"]

So my question, is WHY is the lunarspells variable working, while the standardspells variable is not? Any help is much appreciated, as I am still quite new to HTML and JS.

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Any errors to show? Plus, you want to use <, not <= I think. Actually, that's probably why the code fails. –  Paul Grime Apr 11 '13 at 19:35
What's the expected and actual result? –  Adrian Godong Apr 11 '13 at 19:36
what is/is not working? –  Huangism Apr 11 '13 at 19:36
what is working and not working in this context? –  Ejay Apr 11 '13 at 19:36
If document.getElementById can't find the element, it returns null, and you can't get/set things on it - it will fail with an exception. Are you sure there are elements with every single one of these ids? –  Ian Apr 11 '13 at 19:37

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As has been mentioned:


will fail if document.getElementById("id_that_doesnt_exist") evaluates to null (as null.anything is an error.

This will stop all further processing in the <script> block unless you avoid the error, or wrap in try/catch.

So your second loop won't get reached/executed.

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Aha! While this didn't directly fix things, it did point me in the direction of my error. I had accidentally put two identical elements in the first array, throwing off the .length portion. Changing <= to < and removing that extra element fixed the issue. Thank you! –  zsherman Apr 11 '13 at 19:49

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