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There is a file, fileA, that exists in the trunk but does not exist in our development branch. A developer accidentally performed an 'svn add' of this file into our branch instead of performing an 'svn merge' of fileA from the trunk. What I did was performed an 'svn delete' of this file in our development branch. Then I performed a merge from the trunk in an effort to sync our branch with the trunk. For some reason, fileA was NOT merged over to our branch. When I did an 'svn status' on the branch's directory, fileA has a '?' next to it. I then tried to 'rm' what i suspect was a residual copy of the file after I did the 'svn delete' originally. How can I get fileA into the branch now? 'svn merge' does not merge anything from the trunk now! I need to ensure that the history of the file is also merged over.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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what about svn copy that file from trunk to your branch? – Stefan Ferstl Apr 11 '13 at 20:08

Merge again using the --ignore-ancestry option. This lets the merge command ignore any tracked merge info and just compare the two files line by line.

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