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I'm using the command :

axins.clabel(c, levls, fontsize=4, fmt='%4.2f', colors= 'white')

to generate labels for my contours, I'd like them to be white (colors='white' works) with a red background, I can't find whether it's possible or not to specify a background color for them ?

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The backgroundcolor of a text artist might be what you need (http://matplotlib.org/users/text_props.html). clabel exposes the text artists through the labelTexts attribute (appears to be undocumented).

Something like (untested):

clabels = ax.clabel(c, levls, color='white', ...)
[txt.set_backgroundcolor('red') for txt in clabels.labelTexts].

If this doesn't work, please update your question with a SSCCE and I'll post some working code.


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