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I have an existing regex:


How do i add/modify a check for empty field - (\s*) to this? - trying to learn regex, did a search but did not find apt resources.

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Your existing regex is already redundant, since the first branch already allows empty input (* allows zero, ? makes the other piece optional)... –  Niet the Dark Absol Apr 11 '13 at 20:06
you have a lot of questions and no accepted answer... –  mihai Apr 11 '13 at 20:08

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First of all, your |^$ part is redundant. But if you're trying to disallow an empty field, you could try this instead:


If you want to ignore whitespace at the beginning and end, try this:


Your wording is a little unclear, so let me know if this isn't what you're trying to do.

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I am trying to validate price field - that should not allow white spaces, alphabets & negative values - and should allow numbers,commas and decimals - none of the solutions here works - –  user1022521 Apr 11 '13 at 20:44

So your regexp says:

Match from the beginning – ^ – zero or more digit – \d* –, that maybe is followed by a dot and zero or more digit – (.(\d*))? – without anything after – $, end of string. Or – | – match the beginning of the string followed by the end of the string – ^$ –.

What you have to modify it's the last part. Instead of ^$, you can match ^\s*$, that is read as "match the beginning of the string, followed by zero or more whitespaces, and the end of the string". So it matches both the previous condition (zero whitespace means from the beginning to the end) and the new condition – with some whitespaces.

Hope that it helps to understand better the regexp. Unfortunately I don't know any good resource for RegExp, I just use the MDN.

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/^(\d*)(\.(\d*))?$|^\s*$/ - so this one not validating empty values in the field, also does this regex block the (,) .. it is not allowing comma too –  user1022521 Apr 11 '13 at 20:22
/^(\d*)(\.(\d*))?$|^\s*$/.test(" ") === true, so it matches empty values, where the previous didn't: /^(\d*)(\.(\d*))?$|^$/.test(" ") === false. About the comma, I just modified the regexp, explaining step by step, so it behaves like the previous one for commas – it doesn't validate for commas; the previous didn't and the question didn't mentioned them. I just replied to the answer trying to explain how to read the regexp. –  ZER0 Apr 11 '13 at 20:26

Have you tried using www.debuggex.com to help you with your regex? I think this is the regex you're looking for:


It will match either a floating point number or some whitespace. Note that the floating point number can be weirdly formatted. For example, 0000.10 would match.

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