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My GPathResult can have a name node in one of the 3 ways

1) name node is present and has a value ex: John

2) name node exists, but has no value in it.

3) No name node exists at all.

In Groovy code, how do i differenciate between the above 3 cases using my Gpathresult. Do I use something like gPathResult. value()!=null ?

Pesudo code:

if(name node is present and has a value){
do this

if(name node exists, but has no value in it){
do this

if( No name node exists at all){
do this
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Test if gpath result is null to check presence, and use .text() method for the element value (empty string if no value). Here's an example:

def xml="<a><b>yes</b><c></c></a>"
def gpath = new XmlParser().parse(new ByteArrayInputStream(xml.getBytes())) 
["b", "c", "d" ].each() {
    println it
    if (gpath[it]) {
        println "  exists"
        println gpath[it].text() ? "  has value" : "   doesn't have a value"
    } else {
        println "  does not exist"

(the gpath[it] notation is because of the variable replacement, if you look for a specific element such as b then you can use gpath.b)

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