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I'm getting something weird that I can't get. I'm using a thirdy-party control (https://github.com/brunow/TableKit.m) and it do:

+ (NSSet *)cellMappingsForObject:(id)object mappings:(NSDictionary *)mappings {
    NSString *objectStringName = NSStringFromClass([object class]);
    return [mappings objectForKey:objectStringName];

It's create a mapping based in the name of the class:

[TKCellMapping mappingForObjectClass:[NSMutableDictionary class] block:^(TKCellMapping *cellMapping) {

And it check the datasource objects against it mappings. The objects are build for me as:

while ([rs next]) {
    NSMutableDictionary *dict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];

    for (NSString *fieldName in [props allKeys]) {
        [dict setValue:fieldValue forKey:fieldName];
    [list addObject :dict]; //<--This is the datasource. The map is against each dict

So, everywhere I'm telling it is NSMutableDictionary. But then this weird thing happend.

When it calls NSStringFromClass([NSMutableDictionary class]) it say NSMutableDictionary but when it calls NSStringFromClass([rowDict class]) it say __NSDictionaryM!

Why happend this? I check for the header of __NSDictionaryM and Xcode navigate to NSMutableDictionary (?). I can't create objects from __NSDictionaryM.

BTW, what I need to do for replace NSStringFromClass to get exactly NSMutableDictionary?

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It's a private subclass of NSMutableDictionary. It is an NSMutableDictionary. Read more about class clusters here.

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@user529758 Will the app get rejected if we compare the class name this way (i.e. with the private subclass of NSMutableDictionary). ? For e.g., [@"__NSDictionaryM" isEqualToString: NSStringFromClass([obj class])] –  Vignesh PT Sep 21 '14 at 18:37

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