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Let's suppose that we have the following markup:

<div class="t-shirt black blue">Example</div>
<div class="t-shirt white blue">Example</div>
<div class="sweater black blue">Example</div>
<div class="sweater black red">Example</div>
<div class="sweater white red">Example</div>
<div class="hat black blue">Example</div>
<div class="hat black red">Example</div>
<div class="hat white red">Example</div>

Is there anyway to select t-shirt OR sweater that are black AND blue with one selector? I mean, without using comma separated selectors.

For example, I DON'T want to do the following:

var wanted = $('.t-shirt.black.blue, .sweater.black.blue');

Is there anyway to do something similar to the following? (I know it doesn't work):

var wanted = $('(.t-shirt, .sweater).black.blue');

Thanks in advance.

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No, you would need a comma to do the or. –  Kevin B Apr 11 '13 at 21:08
You sure? Any better alternative you would suggest? –  ramonztro Apr 11 '13 at 21:10
Why no coma-separated selectors? –  Faust Apr 11 '13 at 21:11

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No, there isn't. Neither in jQuery nor CSS.

Even if there were a functional pseudo-class for grouping parts of selectors (such as the upcoming :matches() in Selectors 4), you would still need to supply a comma-separated list of those classes anyway:

:matches(.t-shirt, .sweater).black.blue

Needless to say, the above selector doesn't work in any browser (yet). You could implement it yourself as a Sizzle extension if you really wanted to, but I honestly wouldn't bother.

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There are days, here, on Stack Overflow, when I look at your answers and think I should just give you all my up-votes. ...automatically. +1 (needless to say!) :) –  David Thomas Apr 11 '13 at 21:13
@David Thomas: What am I, the Jon Skeet of [css]? ;) –  BoltClock Apr 11 '13 at 21:14
Basically: yes, actually. ;) –  David Thomas Apr 11 '13 at 21:15

You can do something like that:

var wanted = $('.black.blue').filter('.t-shirt, .sweater');


var wanted = $('.t-shirt.black.blue, .sweater.black.blue');

might be more effective anyway (I have not tested that though)

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I will use .filter(). Thanks. +1 –  ramonztro Apr 11 '13 at 21:38

If the only goal is not using the comma, you could do this:

var blackblue = $(".black.blue"),
    tshirts = blackblue.filter(".t-shirt"),
    sweaters = blackblue.filter(".sweater"),
    both = tshirts.add(sweaters);

however i don't see how it is any better, unless it allows you to organize better.

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var selectionLevel1 = $(".t-shirt, .sweater").andSelf();
var finalSelection = $(".black", selectionLevel1);
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