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I am working on a sort of "bug finder" for Scheme (R5RS) and I want to try if and how well it would work for object-oriented programming. Therefore I was looking at some of the numerous object systems for Scheme (for example, Tiny-CLOS, Prometheus, and YASOS).

Of course, in order to find bugs, I have to have code in which I can search them. Best would be a hand full of mid- to large-sized "real world" programs. My problem is, that I can only find the tiny examples that come with those systems.

Therefore my question: does anybody know of projects (open source, if possible, but also closed source would be better than nothing) that use any object system that is written for R5RS Scheme?

Or does anybody know of a University course that uses a Scheme object system and where the students implement some non-trivial system (e.g., compiler construction, robotics/AI)?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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DrScheme is implemented on the PLT object system. It is not R5RS code but it might be close enough.

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