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I am complete beginner with C#, but advanced user with autohotkey.

If I have this script, how could I call that from C#?

    SendMode Input
    GetKeyState, state, Lbutton, P
    if state=U
    Sendinput {Click down}
    Sleep 25
    Sendinput {Click up}
    Sleep 25

Could you show me simple example, so I can get to understand how to do it.

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"How can I use AHK script in c#?" - well, one way to start would be a clear definition of "use" - I can think of a lot of ways to "use" that script and not do anything reasonable. For example I could use it to seed a random number generator. Is that what you're trying to do? –  Jasmine Apr 11 '13 at 22:53
Actaully, it's doing mouseclicks rapidly, when you are holding down the mouse. –  Valters Tomsons Apr 12 '13 at 13:16

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This is a may be reached through AutoHotkey.dll (that has COM Interface).

You to need download this library, move in c:\Windows\System32.
And register for the system (Run, % "regsvr32.exe AutoHotkey.dll", % "c:\Windows\System32").
Then in VS create a console application project, and choose Project tab/Add reference.
In opened window find AutoHotkey library, click on "Add" button, then close the window.
So now you have connected this library in your project, and this you'll see in reference folder.
Select all in Program.cs and replace on this code:

using System.Threading;
using AutoHotkey;

namespace work_with_AHK_object
    class Program
        static void Main()
            /// write content for ahk script (thread)
            string scriptContent=""
            +"#KeyHistory, 0\n"
            //+"ListLines, Off\n"
            //+"DetectHiddenWindows, On\n"
            //+"Process, Priority,, High\n"
            +"SetBatchLines, -1\n"
            +"SetMouseDelay, 25\n"
            //+"Menu, Tray, Icon, % \"shell32.dll\", -153\n"
            //+"WinSet, AlwaysOnTop, On, % \"ahk_id\"A_ScriptHwnd\n"
            //+"WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, % \"ahk_id\"A_ScriptHwnd\n"
            //+"WinMove, % \"ahk_id\"A_ScriptHwnd,, 888, 110, 914, 812\n"
            //+"ListLines, On\n"
            +"TrayTip,, % \"Ready to use!\"\n" /// some notice
            +"   Suspend\n"
            +"   Loop, % A_IsSuspended ? 1:2\n"
            +"      SoundBeep, 12500, 50\n"
            +"   KeyWait, % A_ThisHotkey\n"
            +"   Return\n"
            +"   Loop\n"
            +"      Send, {Click}\n"
            +"   Until, !GetKeyState(\"LButton\", \"P\")\n"
            +"   Return\n"
            +"   Suspend, Off\n"
            +"   ExitApp";

            /// initialize instance
            CoCOMServer ahkThread=new CoCOMServer();

            /// launch a script in a separate thread

            /// wait for exit
            while (ahkThread.ahkReady()!=0) Thread.Sleep(1000);

Open project property, in Application tab change it Output type to Windows Application.

PS: More thanks HotKeyIt for his library.

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For Windows 7 64bit users, you have to register the DLL the following way: 1) In cmd, first CD to %systemroot%\syswow64: cd %systemroot%\syswow64 2) regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\AutoHotkey.dll –  Adam Szabo Aug 6 '13 at 16:04
for anyone still looking around here, I have a wrapper in c# for the AutoHotkey.dll that doesn't require you to register it as a com object. Instead it uses the DLL directly through p/invoke. github.com/amazing-andrew/AutoHotkey.Interop –  Andrew Smith Oct 14 at 20:07
In your c# project you might have to make sure it is a 32bit application? –  BGM Nov 4 at 21:17

Sleep is easy:


Getting the Key and MouseDown events (ins:: and Lbutton::) when your application is not the active one is a lot more complicated. It can be achieved by using global hooks. Have a look at this CodeProject article A Simple C# Global Low Level Keyboard Hook

Ultimately it depends on why you want to use C# when AHK offers you a much simpler environment to achieve similar things.

I cant think of any simple example which does the job.

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Your going to want to use send keys

this video is a great example!


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