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I have two git repos that are forks of each other and I need to occasionally import commits from one to the other.

For example:

git-repo1 has this directory structure:



while git-repo2 has the following directory structure:


What I'd like to do is take a series of commits and generate patches only for commits that altered files within a particular subdirectory (say repo1/project1/src) and ignore all commits that only alter files anywhere else.

Or alternatively, generate patches for all the commits, but only apply the patch IF it alters files within a particular directory.

I need to preserve the metadata about the commits so playing with git diff doesn't seem like a viable option.

The directory structure between the forked git repos differs.

Is there a straight forward way to do this?


I see this question (How to apply a git patch from one repository to another?) in terms of coping with differing directory structures.

But what if the patch speaks of modifying files that simply do not exist? I would like to ignore such changes.

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git rev-list --reverseseries-- repo1/project1/src/ \
| xargs -I@ git format-patch --stdout @^! >mystuff.patch

will spit the commits in series that affect that subdirectory into mystuff.patch


cat >mystuff.sed <<\EOD
/^(From [0-9a-f]{40}|diff --git )/!{H;$!d}
/^From /b
\,^diff[^\n]* [ab]/repo1/project1/src/,!{$!d;x;b}


sed -rf mystuff.sed mystuff.patch >justmystuff.patch

will strip out all the hunks outside that directory. You can apply with

git am justmystuff.patch

with -pn and --directory=new/path/to as desired.

(edit: EOD --> \EOD so the cat above doesn't try to substitute)

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if the two repositories have common history (they are both forked from the same repository, but have evolved differently), you could use cherry-picking to import commits selectively from one branch to another.

create a local repository with two remotes (your two diverging repositories)

find the commits in repositoryA that touch certain files

 $ git checkout repoA/master
 $ git log sub/dir/ectory
 a34256f ...

cherry-pick those commits into the branch of repositoryB

 git checkout repoB/master
 git cherry-pick a34256f
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No, unfortunately they do not share a history. :( –  EMiller Apr 11 '13 at 21:56

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