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I initiate Masonry like this:

container.imagesLoaded(function () {
            itemSelector: '.my-brick',
            columnWidth: function (containerWidth) {
                return (containerWidth - 80) / 4;

The problem is that .my-brick contains images that are wider then what should be calculated columnWidth. I would have expected that the script sets item's width CSS property to columnWidth, but it does not so the columns are as wide as pictures.

Is this the expected behaviour?

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Yes it is. you have to set .my-brick width with CSS.

A grid system is recommended.

The columnWidth option is there in order to set a dynamic column width if your layout has item elements that have multiple-column widths, and by column it means the absolute positions that the item is set in the DOM. It uses columnWidth to determine the distance between the items. If the columnWidth is not set then it will take the dimension of the first item

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