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for a CS lab I have to implement a binary search tree in MIPS. Now, imma just tell you now, I am terrible at MIPS. It's been extremely difficult for me to understand this material. Alrighty, so basically the program calls an add_elements function. This function is given three parameters: the address of an array of values to insert; an integer which is the number of elements in the array; and the address of a word in memory which will contain the pointer to the root of the tree. The function iterates across the array of values, and calls the build_tree routine once for each number. You must add the code which iterates through the array and passes each value to the build_tree routine.

Next, also in build.asm, you must write the entire build_tree function. Your build_tree must take two arguments:

the address of the variable that contains the pointer to the root node of the tree (i.e., a pointer to a pointer to the root node),

the number to be inserted into the tree.

The routine should create a new node with the provided number, and then insert this new node in the proper position in the binary search tree, updating whatever pointer is necessary.

Most of that is copied from my lab write up which is why it says "you" and "your". Anyway, I'm pretty lost. This is what I'm given of add_elements

addi $sp, $sp, -16
sw $ra, 12($sp)
sw  $s2, 8($sp) 
sw  $s1, 4($sp) 
sw  $s0, 0($sp)

I need to finish the build_tree part. I would appreciate any help whatsoever. Also, if giving you guys the rest of the code would help, ill do that, just let me know

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