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I want to be able to modify that code to make it into double tap instead of a single tap. The reason is that it's too close the the space button on the screen on my phone. I always end up tapping it accidentally when pressing the space key or using an app.

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It's in PhoneWindowManager. These lines may be what you are looking for:

1821        // First we always handle the home key here, so applications
1822        // can never break it, although if keyguard is on, we do let
1823        // it handle it, because that gives us the correct 5 second
1824        // timeout.
1825        if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_HOME) {
1827            // If we have released the home key, and didn't do anything else
1828            // while it was pressed, then it is time to go home!
1829            if (!down) {
1830                final boolean homeWasLongPressed = mHomeLongPressed;
1831                mHomePressed = false;
1832                mHomeLongPressed = false;
1833                if (!homeWasLongPressed) {
1834                    if (mLongPressOnHomeBehavior == LONG_PRESS_HOME_RECENT_SYSTEM_UI) {
1835                        try {
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.......thanks.. – Jean Saint Apr 12 '13 at 4:00

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