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Hey guys I have two structs: one is a key-pair and the other is a node.

typedef struct {
    char *key;
    void *value;
} VL;

typedef struct node{
    struct node *left;
    struct node *right;
    VL data;
} BST;

How would I go about initializing the node struct and adding the VL struct inside? This is what I have so far:

    // Create new node
    struct node *temp = malloc(sizeof(node));
    temp->left = NULL;
    temp->right = NULL;

    struct VL *vl = malloc(sizeof(VL));
    vl->key = key;
    vl->value = &value;

    temp->data= *vl;

And I've also tried many other things like setting temp->data.key to key etc, all of which return errors. So I've come here for help :).

Also how would I go about getting the data from the nodes?

char *key = (char *)5;
void *val = "hello";
// create node with this key/val pair and insert into the tree, then print
printf("key = %d; value = %s\n", (int)head->data.key, (char*)head->data.value);

Would that suffice?


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Why are you trying to output the key as an integer in your final printf? What is the desired output? That statement is hard to read and somewhat confusing. –  hoxworth Apr 12 '13 at 5:00

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The memory for VL data is allocated as part of the node struct and does not need to be reallocated.


struct node *temp = malloc(sizeof(node));
temp->left = NULL;
temp->right = NULL;
(temp->data).key = key;
(temp->data).value = &value;
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Thanks, this worked! –  Travv92 Apr 12 '13 at 5:46

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