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I had written one driver for serial communication. Now I want to add it to my linux kernel. So for that I have to change Kconfig file in drivers/usb/serial. I have rerffered Kconfig file in that. But I don't understand the names written after config, tristate etc.

What that names indicate? Where they belong or link(I don't find that particular name in that dedicatory)?

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Your best bet is to start by reading the documentation available in the Linux kernel source in Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt. –  Austin Phillips Apr 12 '13 at 6:35
Thank you. And i had read it. But it gives only information about attributes not the name written after that. EXA. config SERIAL_AMBA_PL010 tristate "ARM AMBA PL010 serial port support" depends on ARM_AMBA && (BROKEN || !ARCH_VERSATILE) select SERIAL_CORE help This selects the ARM(R) AMBA(R) PrimeCell PL010 UART. If you have an Integrator/AP or Integrator/PP2 platform, or if you have a Cirrus Logic EP93xx CPU, say Y or M here. If unsure, say N. what "ARM AMBA PL010 serial port support" indicate, if tristate indicates that perticular configure has three states (N,Y,M) –  Vikrant Apr 12 '13 at 8:11

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The name that you write after tristate (it is not always tristate), is just the name of the driver. To see it, try to use:

make ARCH=ARM menuconfig

Go into:

     -> Device Drivers
         -> Character devices
             -> Serial drivers

Here you can see the name ARM AMBA PL010 serial port support associated to the PL011 driver

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