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I want to simulate C#'s events in JavaScript: what i want to do is something like this:

Let's say i have the following code:

function addToInvocationList(method, listener) {
      *Some code to add listener to the invocation list of method*

function MyClass() {

MyClass.prototype.Event = function() {}

var my_class_obj = new MyClass();

function subscriberFunction1() {}
function subscriberFunction2() {}
function subscriberFunction3() {}

addToInvocationList(my_class_obj.Event, subscriberFunction1);
addToInvocationList(my_class_obj.Event, subscriberFunction2);
addToInvocationList(my_class_obj.Event, subscriberFunction3);


What i want to do is when i call my_class_obj.Event, all the subscribed functions get called.

Could this be achieved purely in JavaScript or i need to find my way around through DOM events?

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How about writing a separate event class: Reference link: http://alexatnet.com/articles/model-view-controller-mvc-javascript

function Event(sender) {
    this._sender = sender;
    this._listeners = [];

Event.prototype = {
    attach: function (listener) {
    notify: function (args) {
        for (var i = 0; i < this._listeners.length; i++) {
            this._listeners[i](this._sender, args);

And your my class. For example:

function MyClass(name) {
     var self = this;
     self.Name = name;
     self.nameChanged = new Event(this);

     self.setName = function (newName){
         self.Name = newName;

Subscribe to event example code:

var my_class_obj = new MyClass("Test");
my_class_obj.nameChanged.attach(function (sender,args){


You can attach more event handlers and all these event handlers will get called. And you can also add more events as you'd like: addressChanged event for example. This approach also simulate c# event (sender and args)

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Exactly that's what i figured out, thanks man! This works great! However. i'm wondering about Garbage Collection, what if wanted to remove a handler, how can i make sure it's garbage collected, are anonymous methods garbage collected as soon are their reference is removed?? –  hiddenUser Apr 12 '13 at 6:54
well, there should be no difference between anonymous methods and declared methods in this case. We also usually use anonymous methods in jQuery: $(document).ready(function(){}); –  Khanh TO Apr 12 '13 at 7:00

You could write your own Observer (publisher-subscriber) read the GOF. Or, if using jQuery, custom events (http://api.jquery.com/trigger/) can help you out.

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