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String I want to sed i get from incoming sniffered packet... I want to get substring from string, f.e.

INVITE sip:18455845013@ SIP/2.0

Using sed I would like to extract substring.
Substring is between sip: and @ ... So for my example, I need to get

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Input file

$ cat foo.txt
INVITE sip:18455845013@ SIP/2.0


$ sed 'y/:@/\r\n/;P;d' foo.txt
  • change : to \r
  • change @ to \n
  • print up to first newline
  • delete pattern space
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Oh, Steven thanks!!! I will accept your answer!!! By myself I have made by grep -oE "sip\:[0-9]{1,11}" ... Now will decide what to use!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!! –  timonvlad Apr 12 '13 at 6:16

If your grep supports the -P flag, try:

grep -oP '(?<=sip:)[^@]*'



Else, use sed like Steven Penny has done. HTH.

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Keep the bit between the : and @.

sed 's/.*:\(.*\)@.*/\1/'


$ echo "INVITE sip:18455845013@ SIP/2.0" | sed 's/.*:\(.*\)@.*/\1/'
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