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We are trying out GIT to manage our repo.

To start off, we are 4 developers working under the same VPN connected. We have a central server on which we have created a bare repo like this:

 git init --bare projectest.git

Later we are trying to clone the bare repo into one on my machine using the below command.

 git clone git://server/CeRepo/projectest.git/

server is our central machine where the bare repo is created
CeRepo is a Directory inside the D: Drive of Server
projectest.git is our empty bare repo.

When we run this from one of the developers machine

 git clone git://server/CeRepo/projectest.git/

I get this below error:

Cloning into 'projectest'...
fatal: unable to connect to **server**:
server[0:]: errno=No error

What can be the issue? Is it some thing related with GIT URL

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Default port for git protocol is 9418 - is that opened on the server? Also, have you checked this page: – 1615903 Apr 12 '13 at 6:50

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Since you're talking about

CeRepo is a Directory inside the D: Drive of Server

I assume, you're working on a Win32 machine and CeRepo is a shared folder on that box that contains the projectest.git directory.

Then, you'll access the share with

git clone //server/CeRepo/projectest.git

Note: there's no git: before the URL

For the sake of completeness: if your 4 users could access the administrative shares on server, you could also access the repo with the URL


assuming that the repo is located at

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perfect no git// needed.. any reasons please.. sorry new to GIT :D – user1042031 Apr 12 '13 at 7:38

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