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That sounds a stupid question, but I'm really curious about how to compile a DLL without using Visual Studio since I'm using Unity3D OS X for now. Is there some way like "tool chain" can do the trick?

Any solution is appreciated except Ask your friend/colleague to compile it for you or buy another computer/install windows/using remote control.

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Sure, there are other compilers available. Microsoft's is not your only option. I don't really understand what the question is; recommendation questions are off-topic here. – Cody Gray Apr 12 '13 at 6:58
This falls under "install windows" but why not use something like VirtualBox or Parallels to create a Windows guest? – Jerdak Apr 12 '13 at 12:25
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Build a cross tool chain of Mingw. However, be aware that you can not link C++ libraries between compilers, or often even compiler versions. Only DLLs with a C calling interface will work. (They can internally use C++ but must expose a C API.)

Or you could try running Visual Studio in Wine. VS2010 has bronze support in Wine, i.e. the compiler works.

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